Sunday, April 7, 2013


Noah & our friends Jacob & Brooke @ the Battleship (Laurel REFUSED to get in the bunks!)

Lovin every min. of it

Checking for bad guys :)

Yep....we are that family..... I bought the photo

My Favorite! They are such goofballs!

Noah took this one... he might be a budding photographer

We just had a glorious week and a half of Spring Break!! What did we do you ask?? Well, we  played outside..... ALOT. We went to a movie, The Croods...cute. Played on Aunt Rach's & Uncle John's farm and went to the Battleship. It was so cold and rainy but we would not be deterred! We were determined to have a good time. We met our friends Brian & Crystal down there with their kids and had a blast! Noah was in absolute ship heaven. He's been obsessed  really into ships (especially shipwrecks) lately and he explored every inch of the Battleship.

I'm ready to push through these next 2 months and then be DONE with school for a little while. We definately needed the break but Noah is doing so well. He has finished his kindergarten math curriculum and moved into some 1st grade math. Not sure who's kid he is :)

Laurel is still liking school but the everyday 30 min. one way drive is getting to her. She says "Mommy, I'm ready to stay home at my house!" Me too! Looking forward to when I can homeschool them both. Preschool has been great for her though in learning how to talk to other kids and learning that other kids have hearing impairments like her. She needed to see she wasn't the only one out there.

The addition on our house hopefully getting a roof this week. Exciting but scary as well because they have to peel back part of the existing tin roof!
So, lots going on. Going to be hard to get back in the groove but Noah is excited about his new unit in school this week.....ROCKS. :) Oh Boy.

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