Monday, May 27, 2013

Camp Flintlock & Baby Gunner

Firing a Musket

Tug of War

Printmaking: Laurel really loved this!

Some of Printmaking successes
Making Indian Glass bead necklaces with reall Buffaloe bone!

Dress was the favorite!

Learning to throw a Tomahawk....Yes...everyone got to try!

My babies are growing up. Noah picked out that suit :)

Mike getting our Bee Swarm 30 ft. up in the air!

Enjoying the fruits of their labors: the bees

Rachael & Baby Gunner
Making Necklaces in Colonial Camp
Watching Grandaddy do a Civil War Living History
WOW!! We have had a bunch going on around here. School is winding down. June 10th Laurel is finished with her preschool and Noah will be done with his first year of Kindergarten. So hard to believe but we survived and had some fun along the way.

We recently went to Camp Flintlock with a Homeschool Group and got to learn about Colonial History. They learned about period games, Tomahawk throwing, necklace making, period clothing and Printmaking. They got to see a canon shoot and musket firing. It was a great time (even though it was HOT). We learned a lot.

Baby Gunner made and early appearance last week and is doing fine. He is a great baby & a cutie. I got to witness the birth and it was an awesome experience!

We also got to visit a living history that Grandaddy was in for Civil War History. Noah LOVES history so he's in heaven right now :)

Oh.......and we've got Bees!! We have been wanting to start bee keeping and some friends called us and told us they had a swarm but it was in a tree 30 ft. in the air. Not to be deterred, John & Mike got a cherry picker and Mike got the swarm and put it into our hive. Success!! So, hopefully they will stick around. We are feeding them and they are already making honey!

That's all for now! Enjoy the video of Noah throwing a tomahawk for the first time and hitting the target!!

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