Friday, May 10, 2013

Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Uncle Ron & My Grandma

This plaque always sat in the window over Aunt Janie's sink. It described her perfectly so Uncle Ron read it.

My Mommy & Daddy

The lunch was held at one of the family farms we lovingly call "The Cow Palace"

Aunt Ruthie (left) & her sister (My Grandma)

Aunt Janie's "BOYS"

We must Memorial Fish :)

Not quite 3 months ago my Aunt Janie passed from this world. I no longer like to call it "DIED" because that would lead one to think that it's over. No, we are all dying, each day. I believe she got the better end of the stick. She "ALIVED" :) She is shed of her earthly body that fought cancer for 10 years. She is shed of the hurts and pains. She is in heaven with her earthly father and her heavenly Father. I'd say it doesn't get much better than that. But, we miss her dreadfully. She was a spark for our family. The life of the party. We are learning how to adjust without her. We will, but it will never be the same.
Last Saturday we had her memorial service at the little church where I got married. Unconventional to wait 3 months for a Memorial you say? Absolutely! She'd have it no other way. It was perfectly simple, funny, sad and just how Aunt Janie would have wanted it. Lots of us wore hats in memory of her famous hats she wore during her treatments. Some wore purple and red in memory of the poem above that describes her so perfectly.
Afterwards we had a picnic at a place our family loves to gather....outdoors with old chairs and tables. I would turn around and glance and see her out of the corner of my eye..... Nope. That was one of her daughters. She was there.
We played and fished and went on just like she were here. Just like she would have wanted it. She would not want tears for her. She is not in pain! She is with Jesus.

PS: The "New Beginnings" part is the picture of our addition. Hoping to gets windows/doors next week!

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JennyJohnson said...

You really captured the essence of Janie's memorial day. Very well related. We do miss her, yes, but knowing where she is...we won't wish her back.