Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"A Rose for Janie" AKA "Rose"

Laurel is the proud owner of a brand new filly!! Yes, we are crazy, but a bit of backstory.
My sister bought a mare in the spring. She rode this mare right up until a few months ago when she got off of her one day and said "Hmmm..... her stomach looks lopsided". Lo and behold, the mare was not only pregnant but within a month of giving birth. She had been told specifically that "there was no way this mare was pregnant" so she had not been watching for the signs and she was underweight when she bought her. So...... out popped a bright white little filly.  Rachael's husband said No Way Jose' to keeping it and Laurel fell in love.
 Years ago when I was young, my mother had someone tell her that if she bought her girls a horse, it would keep them away from boys. Worked well for us and Laurel needed a hobby that would not require an immense amount of listening (because of her hearing impairment) so she could relax and enjoy it. This little filly is so sweet and we are hoping it will turn into a pretty nice show horse for Laurel.

Now for the name. Less than 2 years ago, my Aunt Janie went to heaven from cancer. We named this little filly "A Rose for Janie" and will call her "Rose". Aunt Janie was so supportive of our horse shows and us riding horses and she had a bunch herself. Laurel loved the name. So there we have it. Rose will come live at our house after she is weaned. Hoping to build her a nice little shelter and pasture. Noah and myself will be scarce because we are both highly allergic to horses :( but Laurel's little take charge attitude will serve her well. Exciting times!

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