Saturday, November 8, 2014

Chock Full of October

Laurel's 7th Birthday Party

This is what too much partying will do for you.

Noah's 8th Birthday Party

Bobbing for Apples!

No Party is Complete without a Pinata

Noah & Hayden; Best Buds


October was wild! Both of the babies birthday's are in that month so they got to choose what they wanted to do. Laurel chose a small family party at the Bowling alley complete with bowling, cake, presents and the arcade games. Noah chose a larger party with friends and family at Uncle John & Aunt Rachael's house for a hayride and pinata and a bonfire. What a wonderful blessed woman I am to have these babies!
Fall is finally here and the leaves are beautiful. We have taken a few field trips this month and enjoyed the outdoors. Halloween was wild this year as well. We started off by doing our local downtown walk and then went to our cousins house to trick or treat with them in their neighborhood. We had an absolute blast!We did however see about 1000 Elsa's! :)
October was busy but I say go big or go home! We are so blessed beyond what we deserve.

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