Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Sunrise from my kitchen window on Good Friday

Some of the beautiful flowers in my Grandma's yard

Noah playing in a cow feeding trough
Some of the men (and Rachael) standing around holding up the truck
Easter Egg hunt!
Playing Babaloo on Great-Grandma's bird feeder
All of the family together after a wonderful church service
Chocolate OVERLOAD at Nana and Poppy's
Another Egg hunt and one egg in each hand, of course

I am hoping that everyone had a blessed Easter. Jesus is not dead. He is alive and waiting for you to invite Him into your heart if you already haven't done so. This was a very busy but joyous Easter for our family. It started by a trip to my Grandma's house a few hours away to have a large family gathering at the old homeplace. One with no running water, electricity or bathroom I might add. But, it was such a good time and so neat to see the house being restored. Noah was outdoors ALL day with the cows so he was happy. He even napped in the clover :) Next, Mike went to our church's sunrise service, bright and early. Noah and Mommy however stayed in bed. The church service was wonderful and uplifting! The music was so moving and our favorite song was "Because He Lives". We both got choked up on the line "I know this child can face uncertain days, because He lives!". Amen to that! After church we went to Nana and Poppy's for lunch. Noah was thrilled with his new Elmo videos (his latest addiction). Then we had an Easter egg hunt with real dyed eggs! Noah had a ball. So I'm writing this, thoroughly exhausted and used up but deleriously happy. Because He Lives, I can face tommorow!


Anonymous said...

You are exactily wright just listening to the word to all the songs I was a litle choked up. Both services were very good and with Jesus being our refuge we can rest that everything is in his hands. We have everything to be thankful for and the awsome friendships we have with each other. I love all the people at FBC and other close friends that we have,sometimes it is not easy times but we stick with each other through thick and thin,and we are always there for each other. I am also thankful for the elders and the leadership of people within the church and the different gifts we have. Just rember to keep our focus on Jesus because he lives and he wants us to walk with him and trust in him. Sorry it is a little long this has been on my heart for a while.

Jimmy C.
(P.S) The pictures of Noah are to cute)

kareng said...

What a wonderful post! ( I think that the men are actually holding the truck down)
Standing behind Mrs H while she sang Because He Lives, with her hands lifted high...and thinking about what she has been through...Yes, we can face tomorrow, only because of HIM!

4kids&luvit said...

I love that song! Wow, Jimmy wrote more than I've ever seen him write before- good thoughts, both of you!

Carroll said...

Preach on, James!

We sang "Because He Lives" too. Twice.

Rachael said...

Awesome Easter service.

Thanks for posting the truck picture Marth. That is a motivational photo if there ever was one. The favor will be returned.

Anonymous said...

I would like to reflect on my Easter Sunday. What a great sermon Terry preached. Jesus is alive indeed! Easter is so much more than hunting eggs, Easter baskets, etc. It is ALL about JESUS!!!

Also, I want to thank the Lord for sending a sweet little boy named Noah into my life. When he was born it was like open heart surgery was performed on an angry, semi-compassionate heart and instead it has been filled with love, joy and compassion everyday since he was born. I love you Noah Michael. Poppy

Praise the Lord for this sweet child!!

Elizabeth said...

I love Noah's outfit!