Saturday, February 28, 2009


I'm sitting here all wrapped up and hoping to goodness we get some snow tomorrow. Have you ever just been in the mood to see lots and lots of snow? I'd love nothing more than to wake up Monday morning and be "snowed in" (which around here only takes about 1/2 inch). Oh well, one can wish.
The top picture is of my experiement with potty training Noah a few days ago. He went the whole day without pee peeing anywhere but the potty (yeah). But, the whole poop thing....lets just say we'll have to work on. He loves running around with no clothes on. He streaks around saying. "nekkid boy, nekkid boy!!" Should I be concerned?? ;)


Joy said...

awwww! just don't let him see the pictures when he's older.... he'll be mortified :-)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What IS it with boys and the word "naked"?! Good job on getting started on the potty training- I was lazy. But at least we're done, FINALLY.

Wild Olive said...

be afraid... :o)

We give Earnest a Milk Dud when he goes by himself now.

kareng said...

Ah the joys of potty training! Every child is different, some are easy and others are, well...anyway Michelle was easy, I told her that on her third birthday she could wear big girl pants of her choosing, and was not allowed to use anything but the toilet...It worked! (After following the other 4 around, I was tired and decided to wait til she was older and not rush the process) Noah, will do just fine, and just in time for warmer weather too!(boys are easier that way; when outside at least)

Carroll said...

I think Noah needs to star in his own comic book...just imagine: "The Adventures of Nekkid Boy!"

Use your best announcer voice now: "Clad only in a cowboy hat and astride his trusty steed, Nekkid Boy fights crime and kitties by leaving land mines for his unsuspecting guardians in JamesSlaughterOpolis."

That's totally a winner...

Rachael said...

We had to lock him inside the office so he would quit chasing the huge dog with a broom. That child is crazy!

Diana said...

This may sound slightly hard, but it's a sure one.
Have Noah clean his own crap up every time he doesn't go in the toilet. You can stay calm, sweet and collected, and just explain to him (because he really does understand!) that he won't have to do that if he'd go on the toilet. That it would be all nice and clean and pleasant, and it would be just like a man.
It'll be much easier for him to train because you will be appealing to his sense of responsibility, manhood and the natural human repulsion for waste. (it's in there, I promise)
Just take it easy, do it every time without fail, don't do it for other words, make it as inconvenient and dissagreeable for him as it is for you; it's in facing the consequence of undesirable activities that change can happen.
Remember, smile! But don't make it a game.