Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Farmer Noah had a Farm EI-EI-O

"Duck - Or Hen"
Evil Scout

Just a few cute pics that a took today of Noah and some of the animals. He actually caught this baby chicken all by himself! It could have something to do with the fact that their feathers are over their eyes and they bump into things but Oh well.... he was proud of himself.
IN EXCITING ADOPTION NEWS:: We submitted our dossier today!!! It's officially on its way!! It won't be long now (hopefully). PLEASE PRAY that it will be translated and accepted. Also, we still need about $15,000 to complete the adoption so pray the Lord makes the funds available. For more detailed info please visit Laurel's private blog.


Crystal Haynes said...

Hey Martha. Love the pictures. It's funny because being around me so much and not aving Brian around, Jacob won't even pick up an ant, let alone a chicken. He'd have a heart attack. :) LOL We can't wait to see you guys next Saturday and we're looking forward to the beach. :) Jacob said to tell Noah he wants to go and play put put. :)

Rachael said...

Scout really is the meanest cat in the world. She's the type that will live forever and Noah will have to inherit her when ya'll die.

Miranda said...

Our fluffy-neck chicken got eaten this weekend. Now the other chickens get to stay locked up until we figure out how to put a lid on our coop.

Joy said...

Martha, how exciting!!! And Noah is growing up to have a great love of animals just like his Mom and aunt :-)