Sunday, July 12, 2009


This was only about half of the birds that tried to fit in my birdbath
Noah and his beloved friend Nick

Sweet Baby Connor reading a book

Sparklers!! I know it's blurry but Noah tried it once then ran away!
Pool Games- my big boy!
Mmmm. Watermelon is "dewicious!"

Play dates galore going on at our house! Noah gets to play everyday now with Baby Connor and his friend from church, Nick came to play Friday. Talk about in heaven!! They drove the tractor all around the yard and watched the men put in out brand new septic tank. I know, you say, it's JUST a septic tank. But, you don't understand ..... it's BRAND NEW and actually works!! Hurray! It's the little things that make me happy :)


Rachael said...

I love the pictures! However, was the Noah/Nick photo before or after he fell out of the trailer? I wish I was that tiny so I could ride in the back of that thing. Not so much with Noah driving. He scares me a little.

kareng said...

ooh a new septic tank...I want a new septic SYSTEM! What fun it is to have things that work the correct way!