Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brothers, Sisters & Birthdays

The "after" Pic- It's a love/hate relationship :)
Awww... don't be fooled.... this was the before picture

Stuck in the old chicken coop
The moonbounce was bigger than my house--REALLY!!

Thanks to Nana & Poppy, the each got a birthday cake!!
Noah looks like he's in pain
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH MY BABIES. Noah is 3 and Laurel is 2. Who would've thought I'd have 2 so close in age?? Certainly not me. It's funny how the Lord works. I was worried for a while there that they would hate each other. But, they've come so far in the last 2 weeks and actually hug now, hold hands and kiss occasionally! They even are playing together some instead of just around each other. I think they are getting over the whole "each other are a threat" thing. It's been so fun to watch their little relationship grow. Not to say we still can't have meltdowns and some knock-down drag outs over toys. But definately progess.
Saturday we had a big birthday bash for both babies. Nana & Poppy rented a huge moonbounce/slide and we were so thankful everyone could be there to celebrate!! Thank you all for everything.
Monday, I took the babies to my Grandmothers house about 2 hrs. away. They loved playing on the farm and it was so neat to see everything through their little eyes. Laurel's world is getting so much bigger!


Rachael said...

So, how long did you lock them in the chicken coop? I think there's a law against that sort of thing. I hate I missed that trip!

Carroll said...

They're too cute. That first picture is definitely my favorite!