Thursday, October 1, 2009


The babies are settling in quite nicely. They hug each other now and today Laurel actually held Noah's hand!! Without screaming! She actually had a smile on her face. They love bathtime and splashing each other. Noah came down with another ear infection this week. He'd been acting grouchy since Sunday and Tuesday his ear turned bright red and he told me it was hurting. Our Dr. saw him right away and sure enough he had another one. He had a fever on and off for 2 days but didn't have one today. Hopefully he's on the road to recovery. It was Laurel that was suppose to catch everything and she's been healthy as a horse so far..... except for the parasites from contaminated water our Ped. just called us about. She said not to worry, they are going away. Gross!!!
Anyway, for more specific Laurel information, hop on over to her blog


Claudia said...

I was keeping Eliza today and we went out a couple of times and thought maybe we would catch you guys outside and go play....maybe next time!

babyarnie said...

Oh we would have LOVED to have seen ya'll! Definately next time.