Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's official! Fall is finally here because the Fair is here!! We were brave (or crazy) and took the babies to see Rach and our cousin Cole show at the Fair. We then took them to eat, play and ride at the Fair. I'll have to be honest and say a lot of the excitement was lost on them but they really enjoyed the corndogs. We brought more than candy back from the Fair however. Sunday night Noah got awful throw up sick. Thankfully he was better on Monday. But on Tuesday Mike and I payed for it with our own stomach viruses. That was fun. Anyway, CONGRATS to Aunt Rach who won "Best Scene in NC" with her beautiful pic of Noah running through the tobacco fields. It's a BIG deal!! Congrats to her.
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Rachael said...

Wow, I want whatever they are eating. Whoever took that photo for the contest was a genius.