Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beating the Heat on the Farm

Watching some lovely "new creations" being baptized
Playing "HORSE SHOW"

In the Watering Trough

Painting some of our farm animals

How are we beating the awful summer heat? Well, here are a few ways. Sunday, we had the privaledge to watch 9 children get dedicated to the Lord and 7 ladies get baptized at our little church. God has just amazed me at the raw honesty of these precious ladies and it is so refreshing to hear them ask questions about God and the Bible and not be afraid of what others may think about them. They are precious jewels that God is polishing to make them shine for Him.
The babies have been doing a lot of playing in the water at the house. Mike built the little hand pump for them and they love playing in the trough to cool off.
We have Backyard Bible Clubs this week. This year we are at 3 different housing complexes and we have a Bible story, games, snacks, crafts and lots of fun. YES, it is 100 degrees but seeing the joy on these children's faces and knowing we are doing a small part to share the Gospel with them makes it all worth it.
Funny Noahism of the week: "Mommy, will you go get my Tobacchoe out of the car so I can play with it in the dirt?" Seriously, where does he come up with this stuff?

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Rachael said...

It's too hot to go to the horse show. I'm pretty sure my horses or I or all of the above would croak.