Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blueberry Picking

My cousin Matthew and his wife Rachel have a few blueberry bushes at their house on the farm and they invited us to come pick some. It was about 100 degrees and only 10am but the kids had a great time. Laurel loves to pick the berries but not many usually make it into the bucket..... they end up in her mouth. Noah is a great picker. He eats a few then fills up his bucket. We had lots of good breakfasts with blueberries on our waffles and our cereal.
Backyard Bible Clubs are over and the finale went well...... except for our friend Hayden who had a accident that involved his head and then took the ambulance to the ER but he is fine now.....
When asked to show their hands on who had asked Jesus into their heart this week about 10 kids raised their hands. PRAISE GOD! These little children and many of their parents heard the Gospel.
Well, that's about it around here. The summer thunderstorm is moving in so I must turn the computer off.


Rachael said...

The only good thing about 100 degree days is that John can't do farm stuff and I can't ride horse. So, we get movie and cook steaks days.

Carroll said...

Hooray for movie and steak days!

I'm picking the movie next time. There will be singing and dancing and a very happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Great memories of little tin buckets and blueberry days. They go fast so breathe deeply and take it all in. May we all have time for Blueberry Days.


83rocketscientist said...

My blogging has been lax as of late....but I have a new post for you!

Your pictures are good by the way!

Amy Walker said...

I love these pics and the ones of the refreshing!!!!!!!!!!