Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Laurel seeing the beach for the first time (notice no clothes b/c she fell in)
Noah & Dadat going boogeyboarding
He's so brave!
Baywatch here we come!
Noah learning how to fish from Poppy
Ocracoke Lighthouse- where it all began.
This is where Mike proposed to me over 10 years ago!!
Silly babies!!

We went to the beach with Nana & Poppy about a month ago and I am just now posting the pictures. Noah has had a love/hate relationship with the beach but thankfully has really grown to love it. This was Laurel's first experience with the ocean. We weren't sure how she would take it but we haven't found much that she is afraid of. I took the video of her first time seeing God's great creation. I love how she stops halfway and just stands. You can't see it very well in the video but she has her eyes closed and she is just feeling the wind on her face. I love that about her. She relishes every little thing. It made me so happy for her but broke my heart at the same time. She went 2 years never really "feeling" anything. She has just in the last month started to really even act like a silly 2 year old who does goofy things and laughs constantly. It makes me want to rescue them all and give them these wonderful experiences.

Noah loved riding the boogey board. This boy just might be a surfer! He also loves fishing with Poppy. Actually, I think he likes to hear fishing stories from Poppy better than the fishing itself but that will come! He'll keep you laughing, that one.

Anyway, please keep Noah in your prayers as we are working through some Asthma issues. He's been diagnosed and it trying to kick a yucky cough. The nebulizer works some but it hasn't gotten rid of the entire cough. Also, Laurel's IEP meeting it next week. Looking forward to a new chapter in her therapies. Thanks for visiting the blog!


Rachael said...

C'mon Momma!

Georgia said...

Hi Martha,
Something you might like to try...there is a natural remedy for respiritory conditions that has been reported to actually cure Asthma and the like - you take an onion (any kind) and slice it several times like you would for onion rings or something,sprinkle sugar between the layers,and keep it stacked in a container in the fridge overnight.In the morning a liquid will have accumulated.If you could get Noah to drink it a couple of times a day i think you would find great improvement in his cough.It doesn't taste nearly as bad as it sounds - i've used it myself, and you could mix it with something else if need be.As a side,if i remember correctly, you have mentioned him having some allergy issues too....if you'd like some info on herbal remedies for that let me know- i've had great success treating Michael this way.