Monday, September 27, 2010

Help Rescue Yulia

I have an amazing story to tell you. This little girl is in the same city that Laurel was adopted out of. She has lots of "issues" by the world's standards. The family that visited with her adopted 2 little girls out of the room she was in. These children never get out of their cribs, only to be fed (at lightning quick speed) and never go outside. Toys are few and far between in this room.They are special needs children, forgotten children. However, this amazing mom who visited with her fell in love with her. The Lord has placed this child on her heart to advocate for her. She is forgotten by her world but not by the Creator of this world. Little Yulia desperately needs a family. She will be transferred out of this orphanage and into an institution where there is no hope. She will not live. You see little Yulia has a condition called Cockayne Syndrome which causes premature aging. Her life expectancy is from 4 yrs-20yrs. She needs a special family to come forward who is willing to love her and hold her for this short time she will be on this earth. NO CHILD deserves to die without knowing a Mother and Father's love.

Knowing it will take a special family called by God to love her, this special mom set up a Chip In on her blog to hopefully raise enough funds for the family to have their adoption completely paid for. Well let me tell you the Lord moved in a great way!!! In just 5 days she has raised over $20,000 for this precious angel. I beg you to go to her blog and read the first post on Yulia. The address is www. . God is using this sweet lady in great ways. She doesn't believe in just sitting on the sidelines cheering. Nope, she's leading the charge. I wish we could all be more like that. There would definately be less orphans in the world. So...... the challenge... pray for sweet Yulia. Pray God would raise up a special family for her, and go to www. for more information on her or to help another precious angel get a family or a grant. What is God telling you to do?

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