Saturday, September 4, 2010


I have taken my sweet time in updating this thing lately and for that I apologize for those out there who actually read this. It hasn't been because I've been lazy but incredibly busy lately.... I know, I know no excuses.. we are ALL busy these days. :) Anyway, first things first.... sweet Madeline from Reeces Rainbow finally has a family!!!!!!! Thank you all who prayed for her family to find her. I can't wait to follow her journey home.

I still haven't put the pictures up of our beach trip a few weeks ago. I couldn't get the video to upload of Laurel's first time at the beach and it was priceless. Even though Noah has been several times, he was just as excited as she was. I promise I'll work on that update.
So, what has been going on in our house you ask? Well, daily therapies continue but are winding down for Laurel. This is her last month of therapies b/c she turns 3 in October and her therapies will be through the school system. Wednesday we had her evaluations for the school system to see what she is eligible for. Right now, I think they are leaning towards a placement in a deaf/hard of hearing preschool which is 4 days a week for about 3 hrs. a day. It is a bit of a drive for us so we aren't sure if we'll take the placement yet. However, if we don't take the placement, she will at least get a speech therapist coming into the home once a week and she'll continue with another speech therapy once a week. So far we have been very pleased with everyone in the school system that we have come in contact with and they seem to really understand our families needs as well as Laurel's needs. They were all so amazed at her progress already! And by the way, she officially weighs more than Noah now by 2 1/2 lbs. (and she's a year younger!). Please pray that the Lord will guide us and the team as we have her IEP meeting in 2 weeks.
As for Mr. Noah. He is doing great. Talking up a storm. Sounds like someone I know... oh that's right... ME! (poor child). He has been in heaven lately because we've had lots of playdates and friends his age over and the boy loves to play. We have been taking walks in the evening and today it was so nice that we went to a local park and hiked. We went about 3 miles which was about 1 mile too much but we all still had fun.
That's about it around here. Summer is winding down and lots of decisions coming up with Laurel but all is well.!! God is so Good.

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