Thursday, October 28, 2010

Noah Michael Turns 4

Noah and his new owl suit from the thrift store

A racecar track from Dadat & The Logging Station from
Nana & Poppy. Just look at that smile :)

Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet boy Noah. My first born. The one who makes us laugh. My tender hearted boy who loves to pray for others. My son who was born with a song in his heart and sings it constantly. We love you Noah Michael. You are so precious to us and we are so proud of the little boy you already are.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!! I just love the pics. Your kids are so adorable! My girls talk about them and can't wait to come over to see them again sometime!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that the 'owl' outfit looks strangely like an eagle--could it be a case of mistaken bird identity? (I won't tell.)


Rachael said...

In the owl outfit he looks like one of the lost boys from Peter Pan. I might have to borrow that!

Amy Walker said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Noah!