Friday, May 27, 2011

My American Idol's




My "Scotty McCreery" look a like :)

Girlfriend Reunion at the Beach!!

Noah singing 'Train Train take me out of this town"

And they thought she'd never talk!

Shew!! Has May been out of control for anyone else out there?? I have no idea what has gone on. It seems I've been out of town almost every weekend. I have a saint for a husband. Last weekend I had a wonderful time catching up with some girlfriends from High School. I am so lucky to have a group of girlfriends that go that far back and we can still pick up like we've never been away from each other.

In other news, 2 of Laurel's therapies will be ending in a week. We'll continue one throughout the summer. She continues to make great strides, praise be to God. The last testing was done a few weeks ago and showed that her Receptive language skills were at 2 yr. 2 months and her Expressive language was on a 3 yr 2 month old level. These are AWESOME scores considering her hearing age (how long she's had her hearing aids) is only 1 yr. 6 mo. Smart little cookie.

Noah is still the best big brother ever. He has had a blast watching our American Idol Scotty McCreery sing. Because the show is too risque for him to watch we could only watch Scotty sing and then turn it off. He loved it though. He's inspired Noah to pick up his guitar and start singing. He's quite the little showman er... show off.

Well, that's about it for now. Tomorrow another busy weekend..... of to my cousin's wedding. We are looking forward to that though. Hopefully June will be a bit slower paced!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that boy can sing!!!!! He's too cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Too stinkin cute! Both of them!! We miss you guys!! And I'm so proud of Laurel on how far she has come. :) It was great talking to you and we can't wait to come see y'all.:-) Crystal

Rambling Heather said...

So cute!! Hey, I need your email address to invite you to the first Cottage Clothes Swap :)