Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Days & Strawberry Picking

Rachel & Aubrey, Laurel, Noah, Amy & Lydia

We've had some wonderful rainy days lately. The kids have loved watching the rain come across the fields and then playing in the mud that it leaves behind. The rain has been great for our little garden and blueberry bushes but apparently wasn't great for the strawberry crop. Regardless, 2 women from my church and all of our cute babies went on a hunt for some strawberries. We had a blast. Girls are definately the best pickers. Aubrey & Laurel & even baby Lydia all picked and put them in their buckets. Noah however came back empty handed. He had eaten ALL of his strawberries! Such a boy. Anyway, I am so thankful God has put these girls and the others at the church in my life. I really believe that "for such a time as this" God has put us all together in different stages of life..... some Grandmother's, some empty nesters, some having "returning" children, some planning pregnancies, some struggling with pregnancies, some pregnant, and some with babies and toddlers.... to encourage each other and raise the next generation. Praise God for godly women!

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