Saturday, July 16, 2011


It seems the harder I try to update this thing, the worse I become at it. I know you must get sick of hearing it's busy around here because I know that is the state of most people's households these days. Good things going on, just lots of them at one time.

I did want to take time to pay tribute to our dear worship leader who passed away last night from a brain tumor. To say his diagnosis was a shock would be an understatement. He was diagnosed just weeks after another dear brother passed away from the same thing. These 2 men were such a testiment to God's mercy & grace. Mr. Carson was truly excited to go home to be with the Lord. Yes, he had to endure lots of earthly suffering while waiting. Yes, I have questioned that in my mind many times to the Lord. But, the Lord's plan is not our plan and thank goodness for that. It's so much better. As awful as all of this has been, I don't want to miss what we are suppose to learn from these experiences. Through this suffering and trial, Mr. Carson taught LOTS of people how to have an "eternal perspective". In the end, it's ALL about the Lord. We will all see the King at some point. Make sure your heart it ready to meet him. If you'd like to follow the journey of the family, click on "Mr. Carson" under my friends link.

Oh, and I think he would get a kick out of the fact that Backyard Bible Clubs start on Monday. He started them at our church about 7-8 years ago and I thought he was crazy. I thought it would never work! Ha!! It's been one of the most Spiritually rewarding thing our church participates in. Lots of souls have been won. One day, they'll get to meet the man who laid the groundwork. We'll miss you Mr. Carson. We'll miss your beautiful piano playing, your quick wit and the way you never strayed from your Aim....... Aiming for heaven.

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Lydia said...

Thank you, Martha, for this tribute. And I love that you reminded me- He has GONE to see the KING!!!! Love it!