Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shiver Me Timbers

My little treasure hunters (they dressed themselves)

Deciphering the Treasure Map

Digging for Treasure (X marked the spot)


I would definately say we are in the dog days of summer. HOT HOT HOT. Last week was an incredibly busy week with Backyard Bible Clubs. Lots of volunteers came out every night in the 101 degree heat to play with the children and teach them songs, bible stories and verses about Jesus. Praise the Lord that on Friday night 12 children gave their hearts to Jesus and 5 more wanted to confess sin and rededicate their lives to Christ. We had every excuse to NOT do these clubs last week but pressed on and heaven will have 12 new voices in the choir one day.

Sunday we went to our godson Jacob's birthday party. He turned 5 and had a pirate themed party. The kids LOVED it. So, of course Monday morning I had to "recreate" a treasure hunt that they did. They loved digging for the treasure which was some candy hidden in tin foil. It has been very nice this week not having anything to go to or do. We haven't even been out of our pajamas for 3 days!!! It's been a great time of rest and reconnection. Also, Since Monday night I've been under the weather but the kids have been fine to just stay inside and play quietly. It's been just what we've all needed.

So, that's about it for now. I am so behind in taking pictures this summer so I'll snap some new ones this week.

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