Wednesday, August 17, 2011


" A Cousin is a little bit of childhood that cannot be lost"

I was blessed to have lots of cousins. Well, 3 on one side and 4 on the other but when we are all together it sure feels like a lot! I have great memories of being little and playing with my cousins. We had adventures, did dangerous things, sometimes fought but always had fun. I still love getting together with my cousins and when my Dad's side of the family could all get together this week, I couldn't resist getting a family photo. They may think I'm crazy for making them all stand on the porch saying "cheese" but they will thank me in 20 years!! Our family is growing with spouses & children and such but it's still a wonderful family.

I love the new generation of cousins that are getting a chance to know each other and make their own memories. Cousins are the best!


Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

I always forget to check your blog. And, I should remember to check it because it's always awesome and adorable!! Laurel is looking amazing!!! Such progress!!!!


Carroll said...

Cousins are the best!

Southern Girl Sentiments said...

We look good! :) So blessed to be part of this family!

-Cousin-in-law Erin