Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wow.....LOTS of catching up.

Noah running his first 'FUN RUN' race:

He ran the whole 1.2 miles!

Laurel's first time riding a horse

Some days we just play dress up in our pajamas!

He's watching out for bad cayotes

The Chicken Whisperer


Hello All. Wow! What a whirlwind past week and a half it's been. To start we all had a yucky cold and of course Noah gets it and promptly gets pneumonia. We caught it early though so he's recovered well. Noah got to go on his first "sleep outside" campout with Mike. They camped out at our pond and had hotdogs and Smore's. I didn't think he'd stay out the whole night but he did it and loved it. The next morning, very early we got up and took him to run his first race. He ran 15 laps which was 1.2 miles. At 15 laps we told him it was over but he kept running. He loved it too!

Laurel got to ride her first horse at Aunt Rach's house. She had a freak out when she first got up on the horse but I got on behind her for a few minutes and then she promptly dismissed me to the ground. She'll probably be my rider b/c Noah is EXTREMELY allergic to horses (takes after me poor child!)

Laurel is also our resident 'Chicken Whisperer". I tell you, she can catch and pick up any of our chickens. I have no idea how she does it.

Here's to hoping the hurricane goes out to see. We've spent longer than usual on preparations just in case b/c we've had our tin roof blow up and ruin our kitchen ceiling in the past and one of last weeks storms blew up some tin again. So, Mike has made sure all our tin is screwed down and the kids helped fill sandbags to put on the roof...... just in case. :)

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