Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ways to Beat the Heat

Take your friendly chicken for a ride in the gator

Naps in the Hammock (don't be fooled-they aren't sleeping!)

Flat on the porch is pretty cool.... just like the cats do it.

Nothing like a dip in the pond- a bit smelly but oh so fun.

We've been laying pretty low these past few weeks trying to beat the heat. Above you'll see a few ways that we've done just that. We have eaten LOTS of popsicles too. Laurel is down to 1 therapy a week right now until September so we are enjoying the time at home together with no agenda!!

On another note..... hopefully Rachael will share with you her exciting news as to the sex of her baby. If she doesn't soon, I sure as heck will.


Carroll said...

Seriously. Should we give her until noon? ; )

Amy said...

These pics are so cute. Love the one of Laurel and Noah in the pond and the one on the swing! That's so awesome that you only have therapy once a week now! I've been meaning to email you for weeks that if ya'll ever do want to go somewhere we're usually done with chores by 10:00. Our house isn't very exciting for big kids but maybe the novelty of it would make up for that! :) Oh and when it gets cooler there are a couple of great parks really close to us that are screaming for a picnic!

Amy said...

And um I don't know if I can wait for a blog post for the news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!