Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mountain Air-Good for the Soul

Uncle John & Aunt Rach (Baby Duncan-not yet pictured) :)

Panning for Gems- We actually found some!

Saw a bunch of Turkey's~

Climbed a few Mts..... Er, Rocks

Picked up a scary hitchiker! ;)

Explored a Cave-please excuse Laurel's paci but it was the only

way to keep her from screaming in Total Cave Darkness!

We made a trip up to the Mts. this weekend. Kind of a last ditch getaway before the busyness of the Holidays begin. Despite Laurel having a double ear infection (we only knew about 1 ear before we went), Noah on meds to prevent Pneumonia and having Asthma flair ups, Mike getting their cold & feeling crummy, Pregnancy (NOT me but Rachael), we managed to have a very nice time. The food was good, the mountains were beautiful, the company was delightful and a good time was had by all!


Carroll said...

That Darth Vader costume is my favorite thing ever. Except for baby Duncan. (Epiphany: Next year Noah can be Vader and Duncan can be Yoda! How cute would that be???)

babyarnie said...


That would be great except for some reason Noah thinks Yoda is a bad guy and pretends to kill him with Darth Vaders light saber.... or "life saver" as Noah calls it. :)