Monday, October 3, 2011

Updated Pictures

Mike took this of the geese flying over the pond!

Trying to Catch Minnows

Well we're a dinosaur of course!

I have no idea what happened with the last posts pictures so here are finally some updated pictures of the last few days. Enjoy!


Kristin Ferguson said...

Their smiles are so cheesy and adorable!!! Love Laurel's red boots and of course the dinosaur is a cutie pie too!

Anonymous said...

Is that what they'll be for Halloween? Too cute! We are going to Cindy's Sat. because they are having a big cookout down at the blue grass barn that evening.If y'all don't have any plans you should meet us there and go. Will you guys be home Sat. during the day? If so, we'd love to come see you guys while we are in town. :-)

Courtney said...

I have stumbled across your blog about three months ago and love reading your updates and looking at your pictures. I am curious on where you adopted your daughter from, my husband and I are looking into adopting in the future.
Hope your day is filled with God's love!

babyarnie said...


Thanks for following our journey! Laurel was adopted from Ukraine in 2009. Feel free to email me at if you ever have any questions!