Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Pics

Oh yes she did!! This girl loves dark meat like her mama!! :)

The babies loved playing in the newly raked leaves.


Hiking at the park-gorgeous

Aunt Rach & Laurel "helping" to feed the horses

Since Thanksgiving was on a Thursday this year, we had lots of time to play with family & friends, hike, hunt & just be together. For all of that we are truly thankful. Noah & Laurel look forward to Mike blowing the leaves in a pile so they can jump in them over and over so that was a big hit. Poppy &Nana also had a big pile to jump in at their house. Mike & some guys from church got to hunt all day Sat. Two of them missed 8 pt. bucks in the morning hunt and no one saw anything in the evening hunt. Oh well, you win some you lose some. They still had a blast. While Noah hunted with Mike, Laurel "helped" Aunt Rach feed the horses. They have the prettiest sunsets on their farm!!

So, we were very blessed to have a wonderful thanksgiving that we could share with family and friends.


katiejoy said...

just wanted to let you know, Thanksgiving is always on Thursdays :)

babyarnie said...

What???? Where have I been :)??? Apparently under a rock :)- Now to the big question.... WHY?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Martha, :-)hehe. -Crystal

Carroll said...

Hahaha...I had a snarky comment, but Katie beat me to it. ; )

katiejoy said...

Marth, here is a link explaining some of the history.

<3 katie

babyarnie said...

OK REALLY!! I was just posting this "mistake" just to see who was actually still reading this blog. ;)

I got so much feedback I should screw up more often!

Anonymous said...

Let's get up a petition to change it to another day. Let's shake things up. Why not?

Luv4thePaws said...

Laurel looks so beautiful and amazing!!!!! Your kids look so happy!!! Okay, maybe 2012 is the year we FINALLY meet!! :)