Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For the Beauty of the Earth

Oh yes they did!! They killed a wild hog (No, Noah's gun is NOT real)

Look at this little EX-orphan THRIVE!! Isn't she awesome!?


My two monkey's-do not be fooled by the innocent expressions


Do you see my squirrels?

Today we were so blessed to be able to go over to John & Rach's to ride the gator around the farm and see the beauty that our God created. The trees were still so gorgeous and we had a blast running through the creek (Noah), having a picnic and riding a horse. We really needed a no stress filled day and so it was just what the doctor ordered.
Laurel is doing great after her hernia surgery. She's still a little sore and battling a cold but otherwise is doing fine. Noah had his 5 year check up on Friday. 5 YEARS!!! No way I have a 5 yr. old. He had an audition for a little play that he may be in coming up and I taped him doing his routine. I'll try and post that soon.... it's worth it! :)

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Kristin Ferguson said...

Beautiful photos! Did you eat the hog???? Now that would be living RARE! hahahaha