Monday, November 14, 2011

Noah's First Audition

This is his : My " Cheesy Mommy is making me smile, smile!"

So Noah has been going to this great homeschool acting class for a few months. He is a lot younger than the other kids but the teachers have been great to be patient with him and let him hang out with the big kids. Because Noah loves acting out & quoting movies at home and loves singing and being on stage, we wanted to allow him to pursue this a bit to see if it's his "thing". The class is doing a play "Henny Penny" with a spiritual twist and we would have been happy to sit and watch it but they wanted Noah to participate in auditions to see how he did. Parent's aren't allowed in the room so I really have no idea how he did (or what he said) but I was assured he did fine-an didn't do anything too innapropriate :) Anyway, today Noah was offered the part of Liddy Kitty who is a very educated cat who thinks a lot of himself. Shew! Boy was I surprised. He actually has lines and has a song to sing. I think I just became a stage mom. I must go throw up now! He won't be nervous a bit but I'll be hiding in the bathroom from my nerves. Now I know why my parents always had to leave the building when I showed horses at a horse show. :)

I have a cute Noahism for you that he said today. I was watching the Today show this morning before he got up and apparently Laurel hid the remote control b/c it was no where to be found. So, a clip from the Twilight movie came on and of course it happened to be the part where the boy and girl are in a big lake kissing. Deeming this innapropriate but of course unable to find the hidden remote I said.... " Noah, ah, let's just turn this off" and promptly did.
Noah's reply was...
" But Mommy, they were only baptizing!!". :)

Yes, being sheltered is so good. My sweet little boy.

HERE IS THE AUDITION THAT NOAH PERFORMED. The Monologue is from Foghorn Leghorn on Looney Toones and the Song is from Oklahoma "Oh what a Beautiful Morning"


kareng said...

Wonderful! Noah, sang so well even with all that distraction! Good for him! He will do well, go ahead and be in the room and watch! You really don't want to miss it! (it isn't dangerous or a competition)

Rachael said...

weepin wiwwow is waffin at meeeeeee.........(itch face)....

Loved it!