Monday, July 2, 2012

Those Darn Baby Teeth

Noah is SERIOUS about getting his next loose tooth out. This is what I found him doing in the bathroom!
                      (Don't worry, these are plastic!)
Playing Fighter Planes with each other

Sorry I haven't updated a while for anyone who still reads the blog. Things have been a bit wild around here. This past week, we had Backyard Bible Clubs at our church. We take teams and take the Bible lesson, games, songs, crafts etc. to the kids at local apartment complexes. God is so good! We had so much help this year from people at the church. The kids were so well behaved and the weather didn't turn hot until the end of the week. Friday night we bused them all to the church for food, fun and entertainment and 15 kids gave their hearts to Christ!!! THAT my friends made all the hard work for the last month worthwhile. All Glory to God!!
Laurel is doing well after her Implant Surgery. She doesn't even have a scar! She gets the Implant turned on, on July 17th so pray!
Noah is in the process of loosing yet another tooth. When this one falls (or is yanked) out, it will be his 3rd. Last time, the tooth fairy left some "gold coins" under his pillow. This time, I think he's hoping for a box of nerds.... I may have to speak to the tooth fairy on his behalf.!!
Anyway, that's about it. We are trying to keep things low key this week and recovering from last week a bit.  The heat is insane (100+). Hoping for some relief for everyone working out in it.


JennyJohnson said...

I still read this blog and I think your little boy needs a referral! That tooth is really bothering him or he is in love with the tooth fairy.

babyarnie said...

A referral?? Try about 5 referrals. He'll have to stand in line around here for them though :)

Kristin Ferguson said...

My Dad used REAL pliers to pull out one of my baby teeth!!! So, i didn't bat an eyelash when I saw Noah doing that! HA! I still read your blog too!!!

Anonymous said...

Poppy told him to use the pliers! WHAT?? Nana