Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've done a few photoshoots this week while trying to dodge the millions of thunderstorms that have come through every day this week. My friend Cindy who attends our church has an Etsy shop called Cindy's Aprons and she is trying to make some little girls headbands. Laurel was her model for them. She's a natural!! I also did a little shoot with Duncan. I'm not at liberty to show you those b/c I think they may be used as presents later but I just had to get the cousins together. Duncan was clearly "done".  Tonight the huge storm we had knocked a tree down on my Dad's secretary's car and damaged it. The good news is that she and my dad were in the office and got out right before the tree hit the building. Had it hit the building directly it could have easily killed them both!! I praise God that a damaged car and building was all that came out of that storm!


Kristin Ferguson said...

Cute photos as always! Glad the cochlear implant seems to be working well. I'm sure it will take some time for her brain to adjust to the new sound input! WE went to the House in the Horseshoe a few years ago for their re-enactment. It was exciting...and HOT! Glad you are enjoying your summer!

beth said...

Do you want me to add any of these new pictures to your photo book when we leave??