Sunday, February 24, 2013

Excuse me everyone....the ship is sinking!

Daddy as the waiter on the Titanic
Pretty good last meal

Freezing on Saturday....Wading on Sunday. Gotta love our weather.

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Playing Cowboys & Indians

We have had an absolutely wonderful last few days!! So needed for us in this crazy busy world. The Lord has been teaching me....ok admonishing me about slowing down and enjoying my family, NOT just managing it. Noah has been totally into the Titanic the last few weeks so we have read every book, watched all the documentaries on it and I am taking him to the exhibit this week. Very spur of the moment, Mike & I decided to reenact a meal on the Titanic. We set the table with our nice dishes, lit candles, BOUGHT a chicken etc... Mike came out as the waiter. We even found a channel on Pandora that plays all the music the band played on the Titanic. So Neat!!  We had a blast. But DON'T try to reenact with Noah the sinking of the Titanic. That is a No Go. :)

Sunday we went hiking and believe it or not, we waded in the lake. It was about 61 degrees but the lake was a lot colder! The kids didn't care. It was our first taste of spring.

Loving and enjoying my family. Counting my blessings. Praise Him.

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JennyJohnson said...

I'll add a caption (inside joke)--
"No shirt---no issues"

Living in the moment, Martha. Good for you.