Monday, March 4, 2013

Lazarus....Come Forth!

Noah wrapped up as Lazarus

Laurel's Milk Mustache.... Gotta love the morning hair!!

Noah's newest hat

Well, Strep throat has found it's way AGAIN back into my house. Laurel has it for the 2nd time in 1 month! Poor thing. Hopefully her antibiotics will get it all this time around. We had to put Noah back on Reflux med (he's been off for 2 years) because of increasing heartburn etc...
I had to share a God thing that happened at the Dr. today. Our unexpected trip for both kids to the Dr. going to be a nice $50 copay. I got up to the desk to pay and had a mysterious $50 credit on my account! No kidding! I did the happy dance and then was able to praise God to the Receptionist! " And my God shall supply ALL your needs....!"  We are so blessed.

So, we will be taking it easy this week. No school for Laurel tomorrow but Noah won't be so lucky ;)

Oh and to explain the Lazarus pic.... during one of our morning devotions, I read the story of Lazarus to the kids. To make it more real, Laurel and I wrapped Noah up as Lazarus and then called him out! They loved it! 

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