Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hosting V.

Hosting has been an extremely emotional experience for me. We prepared a lot physically for this little visitor who would be in our home for 11 weeks but probably not as much emotionally. Or maybe there is no preparing for seeing a child recoil in horror as you try to touch them or cry because they are so overwhelmed, even with good things. "V" has come so far in just 2 weeks. When we picked him up from the airport it was one of those stories you read about.....and I do NOT mean the good kind. He was airsick, completely exhausted (to the point of almost collapsing), overwhelmed and overstimulated. He did not want to come with us but he obediently did. He did not want to eat or drink even though he had been traveling nonstop for 2 days but fell into a 12 hr. sleep. The next morning was much better. I am actually thankful this was our experience so we can use it to help others. 
From what we have seen and understand, "V" has a wonderful missionary friend who takes him to church and visits him. WHAT AN AMAZING BLESSING!! He really takes his beliefs in God seriously, never missing an opportunity to pray or talk about the Lord. However, this does not erase the hard things he sees and lives everyday that weigh on him. They are his story so I will not share them here but living in an orphanage is not a cheery life.

One week here we saw the typical reaction a hurting child displays when they are feeling too comfortable, lashing out, anger and fear. While we wanted to handle these behaviors like we would our other kids we could not. They have to be navigated with the understanding of what is going on inside the child that is making them do this. I am telling you, my head wanted to call it quits but my heart, the part we knew God had called us to this particular boy for the summer, screamed keep loving and pushing through. PRAISE GOD he answered in a big way. We have seen no more of the behaviour, even though we aren't expecting a kid to be perfect ;)

"V" loves the trampoline, swimming, playing soccer and eating. Did I mention he LOVES to eat!! Oh and 30 min. showers are the norm but who's counting :) We are so blessed to have seen him go from a quiet, stoic boy to a funny, silly, little boy who is enjoying a safe place. Healing is a process, but one that the end result is so worth it.

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JennyJohnson said...

Hallelujah for the progress. Hallelujah for the Divine Support.