Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Look at this squirrel hanging upside down!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you Mother's or Mother's to one day be out there! I love being a Mommy & although Mother's Day is special to remember someone you love, EVERYDAY as a Mommy is special. Not so much easy everyday but special none the less. Thank you Lord Jesus for my wonderful husband and my 2 precious gifts.
We have been going on some excursions here lately thanks to the beautiful weather. We are exploring some local parks and find that there are so many around our area. Who knew that these places existed right off the main road? Last Friday we took the babies to a hiking trail that has a gorgeous boardwalk. I wasn't sure how Laurel would do b/c the hike was about 1 mile with steps but she loved it! So much so that we did it twice that day!! Tonight (Wed.) we took the babies to a park close by the house with a lake. They loved looking at the water and wanted to jump in so bad..... that would NOT be good for Laurel's hearing aids.
Laurel has had a really good week this week. Her language has picked up again and she did great at her speech therapy. It's so funny. Some weeks she seems to have a hard time with tantrums and even sleeping and then the very next week she is back to her old self again and making progress. Little kids minds are so neat to watch develop.
Noah is still the BEST big brother in the world. When Laurel gets upset over something he kisses her and makes her laugh.
I thank God for my life!

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Kristin Ferguson said...

Looks like you guys have been having a lot of fun lately. I miss those days of taking the little ones to the park and just exploring and feeding the ducks. I love the first photo of the kids walking through that field!!!

Enjoy this age filled with wonder and excitement! Can't wait to have a 2yr. old in the house again to re-live that time!