Sunday, May 16, 2010

Picnics, Mother's Day & Family Reunions

Laurel Pigin' out at the Picnic
Laurel, Nana & Noah playing in the creek Noah & Dadat painted and made this "turtle" and entered it
in Turtlefest

My sweet Snappin Turtles
My mom's side of the family

My Uncle and Grandma
A new way to fish
Teaching Miss Priss how to fish
Yep, he caught fish number 5!!
Aunt Janie Pondering
Some Country Scenery

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog. Busy times. Last weekend we had a wonderful marathon weekend! First, on Saturday we took Nana to the park and had a picnic. Everybody but Mama got in the creek and had a great time. Nana was pretty brave. Then we went to Turtlefest where we saw Noah's "box" turtle he had made and painting and entered in a contest.... for the record he should have won ;)
We all had a great time and got to see some neat things.
On Sunday, Mother's Day, my mom's side of the family met at the family farm to have a Mother's Day reunion of sorts. It is rare that we all can get together and almost everyone was there minus 2 of us. It was a lot of fun and so laid back. We had another picnic and then we all fished for about 3 hours. Noah absolutely loves to fish. We did however get a huge case of sunburn.
I can't believe that this day last May, was when we committed to adopting Laurel on Reeces It was such a scary unknown back then but now seems so natural and normal that she is part of our family. What a wonderful Mother's Day it was to know that I had my little boy whom I asked God for, for 1 1/2 yrs and my daughter who we went half way around the world to find. God works in such amazing ways!


Christine said...

Love the turtle picture!

Rachael said...

I will sing you a beautiful rendition of "Perfect Day" that might have been heard at my wedding...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! :) How are you guys doing? We need to get together soon. Brian goes to school in Arizona now July-Sept,then he's deploying in Nov. :( We havn't heard from you guys in a while so wanted to say hi and see how everyone's doing. :) Mark it on your calendar if you don't have any plans, July 24th, we're having Jacob's 4th. B-day here at the house(A Chuggington B-Day, I'm sure Noah's discovered it like Jacob and if he hasn't it comes on at 10:30 everyday on Disney and Noah would absolutely Love it)!! :) Hope to see you guys soon! :) Crystal