Monday, May 31, 2010

Tookie Monk and Dadat - fishing buddies
Little Miss Priss "going shopping" minus her britches!

Video: Granny hit a deer many months ago but for some reason Noah
is just now talking about it and "reenacting" what he things it sounded like!!

It has been a while since an update here at The Little Red House. Things are better since last week. God is still good and in control. We had a wonderful, uplifting service on Sunday that reminded me that God is still Sovreign and working in peoples lives even in the midst of turmoil and storms.... especially then.

The babies had a busy week. Laurel has good weeks and rough weeks and this seems to be one of those rough weeks filled with tantrums and crankiness. When she's good she's good but when she doesn't feel good WATCH OUT! However, she is doing really good on the language front. In fact, when we went for our speech therapy on Wed. our therapist had met with the Cochlear Implant team about Laurel. They were all in agreement that with her progressing so quickly that they are not even talking Cochlears right now. We'll just keep on doing what we are doing! Praise God for that!!

Noah has become quite the fisherman. He and his Dadat go fishing at the pond a few times a week and Noah can now reel the fish in himself. He just laughs and laughs when he does it. Yesterday, Mike threw a fish back and it jumped back in the boat with Noah. He almost fell out laughing!! He has the best sense of humor and keeps us laughing all the time at the things he says. His newest movie love is "Milo & Otis" and he loves the soundtrack from Oklahoma or as he calls it "Uncle Homer" :0

Nana & Poppy's pool is now open and the kids would stay in it all day if we let them. Laurel wouldn't go in it until she could take ALL her clothes off. We finally figured out that she called it a "bath" and who gets a bath with their clothes on??Funny babies.

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