Thursday, May 20, 2010

Madeline- Reeces Rainbow Orphan

Because Mike & I are not in a position to adopt again right now (even though I would LOVE too), and the fact that I am so grateful to in the help of finding Laurel, I have decided to post an orphan that is waiting right now for a mommy & a daddy. I love this little girl and under different circumstances would not hesitate to go and get her. Madeline has a joint condition that is not curable but is not progressive. It is very manageble in the US with therapy and possibly a surgery. There are 147 MILLION orphans in the world. That is 147 million real faces and real children that have no one to tuck them in at night, who may not get enough food and who may never hear about the love of Jesus. I have seen first hand what a little love, nutrition and excercise will do for a child. The transformation of Laurel is absolutely amazing and it breaks my heart to know that she spent her first 2 years of her life with no one to kiss her when she cried. Reeces is such a great advocate for the orphan. If you can't adopt then consider donating money to their tax deductable grant.
Remember, we are a testiment to God's goodness. We started with $2,000 in our adoption fund and GOD allowed the rest to be raised through a lot of hard work, generous people and an amazing small church! Praise be to God. Don't allow the matter of money to stand in the way of saving one of these children's lives. The majority of disabled children in Madeline's country are placed in institutions at the age of 4 where they are bedridden for the rest of their short lives. There is no way out. Madeline is already over this limit and still in the baby house! Please consider helping one of these angels!! Spread the word.... She is on the "Other Angels" page.
Here is what they say about sweet Madeline!

Please consider Madeline (31)
Girl, Born May 20, 2005
Madeline is so pretty, and is patiently waiting for her family! She has brown hair and eyes. She was born with arthrogryposis and club feet. From her caregivers: Speaks separate words, begins to speak in phrases, sitting well, eats independently, likes to play, reacts well to adults, very sweet and joyful little girl.
I have $1000 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

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YAY for promoting RR!!!!!! And Madeline is a CUTIE!!!!!