Monday, October 8, 2012

Mental Health Day

Baby Duncan can make anyone smile :)

How do you like Laurel's interpretation of an Amish horse & Buggy? I was pretty impressed!

Nothing like the comfort of Cookies & Hot Chocolate
Never underestimate the  power of a Mental Health Day. I had already made the decision to have one after the business of this past week. Hard things, mentally exhausting things, serious sicknesses, a death in the family,  ( you know.... things that everyone is going through) but God threw in some wonderful nuggets!! One of my best friends who has been gone gone for several years is moving home!!! God may have answered another "desire of my heart". etc. etc.  Mike & I had the privilege to teach the teen class at our church Sunday. It was on divorce and how it affects the kids. HEAVY STUFF. These kids were open and honest and once again it was the exact lesson that was needed that week. God refreshed me with the praise & worship as well. How wonderful it is to me to think that one day we get to sing to Him forever! I'm so looking forward to that. He is so good to us. He does want us to praise Him during these storms of our lives. He promises he does care. He says He is near to the brokenhearted! Those are promises we can bank on!

On another note: Good thing I'd "penciled in" a mental health day b/c both babies woke up sick :) Oh well.

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Kristin Ferguson said...

Smart Mommy! We seem to take mental health days 'as needed' but i like the idea of penciling them in!!!