Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My Sweet 5 Year Olds
Laurels Edible Arrangement that Nana & Poppy sent to her on her birthday....... let's just say it was ALL gone

She wanted a strawberry cake with marshmallows & sprinkles. She got her wish.

I got to bring cupcakes to her preschool class

Laurel just had her 5th birthday! Since both of my kids have their birthdays in October, we are having a bigger combined party later in the month but we still had a cake  & some presents for Miss Lucy Loo on her birthday. I got to take cupcakes to her preschool class and celebrate there. They were so good to her. When I got there she had an apron & a crown!! She was pretty happy but did get embarrassed when everyone sang to her. She was pretty specific about her cake so she and I made her pink birthday cake with marshmallows & sprinkles. She is getting so big & I'm so proud of her. Her birthday brought some pretty deep questions from her such as "what does a birthday mean" and some others about her heritage so we went through them the best we could. She's a smart little thing and we can't imagine life w/out her!!!

So, for a few weeks I have 2 Five Years Olds. My sister and I are also 11 1/2 months apart and it used to be this was with us as well. I remember telling my mother that she was crazy for  having us that close together. HAAAAHHAAAA!!  I'm convinced the Lord has a sense of humor. I wouldn't trade it for the world!