Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And 2011 is Outta Here...

This was suppose to be Baby Jesus' manger.... apparently nobody told the cat
Christmas morning at our house
Grandaddy showing Noah how to work his new train!
The BEST chicken wings in the whole entire world.... thanks Ma!
Yep! 4 wheelers from Nana & Poppy..... I mean SANTA-look at those smiles :)
Anybody as exhausted as I am from the Holidays? They were wonderful, Christ-filled, full of family fun and lots and lots of food which leads me to my New Years Resolution. ;)
The babies had a wonderful Christmas and we love seeing it through their eyes.

I'm excited about 2012. I always love new starts, and this year our church is digging into the Old Testament. I've already started this with the kids too and they'll have a memory verse from the OT reading of that week every week. Of course, you have to begin with Genesis 1:1 and even Laurel can say that one! I'll have to find a harder one for them next week. I've enjoyed the 2 week break from therapies but Thursday we start back with everything. Oh and a breakthru with Laurel....... she is getting the "f" sound. I know this may not sound like much but we have really been working a while to get this sound. She said "knife" on Christmas Eve as we were cutting something. That was present enough for me! :)

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Kristin Ferguson said...

I'll be making some of those same New Year's resolutions as well! Your pictures are wonderful and the kids look like they had a terrific Christmas! Happy New Year!