Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm a bit behind on the "Resolution" posting for the New Year but it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about them. My first one was to follow our church plan this year to "Dig & Delve in 2012" and read through the Old Testament. Already enjoying that...... ask me how I'm doing when I get to Leviticus! Another Resolution was even one that I really thought up but just is kind of happening & gets addictive, ways to save money!! I didn't have a contract on my cell phone and it broke so I needed a new one. I didn't want to go into another contract and so we tried out the Walmart Straighttalk Plan. At risk of sounding like a paid advertisement (which would be nice but isn't happening) I LOVE IT!! My old carrier was Verizon which had great coverage so I was leary but I found out that what phone you chose determined what carrier you were on..... so drumroll please.... I chose a Samsung Blackberry which I paid $60 for and am on the same network I was but without the big price. I chose the $30 a month 1,000 minutes,1,000 texts and 30Mgb. of web. I've tested the phone and it is actually better than my old phone. So.... saving a good chunk of change and no contract.!! Yipee! Also, we are gonna dump our Dish & go with $8 a month Netflix that hooks up to the TV. I'm excited about this one b/c it will save some significant dough.

So, that's how my brains been working these days. Looking for good, easy ways to cut a few corners. Does anyone out there have some money saving tips that aren't insane? :)

PS: In my next post I just may have some REALLY EXCITING news about the little girl "Michelle" we've been praying for for so long from Laurel's orphanage (see sidebar & picture).!


Rachael said...

Money saving tips? Ask might start with turning your heat down and killing the cable etc. Have fun with that!!!!!!!;)

babyarnie said...

Ummmm Rach.... I asked for tips that weren't INSANE!! Definately NOT asking John B. But I still love him & his tight wad I mean frugal self.

Amy said...

umm...want to hear more about the phone thing...we've been using trackphone for the same reason...yous sounds just as cheap and more fun!

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing I freed up 250 dollars a month adjusting some bills and in november my contract is up with my phone and we are going to do the same thing with the prepaid phone and that it self will free up 100 dollars a month. I upped my retirement to a extra 100 dollars a month so I can have extra fishing money when I retire.

Jimmy C.