Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Want to Make a Difference? A REAL Difference?


lcot-23H MIRANDA
Girl, Born November 2008
Spina Bifida
Miranda is just stunning, and a true joy for any family. She was born with SB, but she has had several surgeries already and is doing SO well. FULL MEDICAL RECORDS AVAILABLE, lots of wonderful photos as well. Married couples only, small families only (no more than 3 at home).
From a missionary who knows her: When you meet her, you would not know that she is an orphan; she behaves like a typical girl with a mommy and a daddy and yet, she is so alone. She lives in an orphanage since birth; her mother abandoned her at birth after she learned of Miranda's condition. But after the surgery that removed her spinal tumor, Miranda made a tremendous progress: she walks, holding the nurse’s hand and supporting herself by pushing against the wall; she climbs up and down the chair; she talks in sentences; she knows colors and shapes. This progress was possible because of her strong and purposeful nature and because Miranda saw that she is needed and that her nurse cares about her; Miranda only started to walk during her stay at the hospital, before in her orphanage no one worked with her. Miranda has a very good memory, loves to put puzzles together, and loves books with pictures. Another distinguishing feature is an attempt to organize life around her: for example, she loves to help her nurse clean the table after a meal; she takes a piece of cloth and wipes the table carefully. She is friendly and shares toys with other kids easily. A few words were recorded from a volunteer who visited Miranda in one of the hospitals where Miranda is undergoing treatments for her urological problems: “Miranda greeted us at the door of her room. Then we went outside to take few pictures of her, and on a way back she said: ‘Thank you.’ After we came back to her room, she saw the books and puzzles that we brought her, and for every present she said ‘thank you’ to each of us – it was so touching. I was surprised how well she talks and how clearly she expresses her point of view, not every child of her age can do it so well. She is very attentive – she studied every picture of the sticker book I brought her, and when she came to the last page , she pointed to pictures of other books of the same series and said: ‘we must read them too.’ She is so radiant, so light, and so communicable! Her positivism is so magnetic that it was very difficult to leave her.”

$0.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Donations are tax deductible.
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2qnn-23HDate of Birth: August 2006Gender: FemaleEyes: GrayHair: DarkCharacter: calm TREACHER COLLINS SYNDROME
This goldilocks princess is a favorite of the orphanage as she is very smart, calm and good-natured. She is a very kind and friendly and always there to help the younger kids in the group. Dana was left in the orphanage next day after the birth because of the facial deformities, undeveloped ears and cleft lip. She wears a hearing aid, but she can hear without it.
The orphanage’s administration is very interested in finding the parents for her and will fully cooperate with the adoptive parents. Dana needs a facial reconstruction surgery, speech and hearing corrections.
No more than 3 children at home, married couples only. Travel required. MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE!

OK so these 2 little girls have completely stolen my heart. They are both in the same orphanage and both are beautiful little girls who are REAL, ORPHANS & SPECIAL NEEDS. They will not get the care they need where they are and Dana especially will most likely be shunned in her country because of her facial disorder. She will not be able to thrive because she will not get the hearing aids, speech and language therapy she needs to succeed. After seeing Laurel and the love of life that she has I can't imagine her languishing and wasting her life in an orphanage. She was God's Child! He has big plans for her. I believe he has big plans for these 2 little girls.

Given the resources I'd take them in an instant. When I look at Reeces Rainbow and see the faces I feel so helpless sometimes. Yes, people say, "You rescued your one". True, with the help of the body of Christ, we were able to ransom Laurel's life and save her from a life of unspeakable misery. But sometimes that doesn't feel like enough. Once you've been there and seen the REAL faces, and hear the REAL cries, a day doesn't go by that you mentally turn your clock back and say I wonder what those kids are doing right now.

You want a New Years Resolution that will change a life forever??? Ransom a child or help someone else pay the ransom for a child. These are souls. They are real, not just pictures. Pray for these children. Take that leap of faith. Yes, it's HARD. Yes, it's LIFE CHANGING! Yes, It's WORTH IT!! They are children of God and deserve to be treated as such.

Consider one of these sweet angels to add to your household in 2012. Go to www.reecesrainbow.org (other angels girls 0-5) for more info.

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