Monday, March 5, 2012

Lots of fun!

Story time before bed. Laurel loved Violet wolf. You couldn't get Noah near her.
No, Noah's eye isn't hurt.... he's practicing his winking ;)

Soccer Tryouts
A week ago we went to Great Wolf Lodge. It felt a little weird walking in with jackets on in 40 degree weather only to get in a bathing suit and swim all day for 2 days. We had a blast! The kids played themselves out in the kiddie pool and then we went down the slides. Laurel loved the slides but Noah wasn't to thrilled. He was happy to play on the jet skis. At night, they even had a bedtime story that you went to in your pajamas!

Today Noah had his Soccer Evaluation for Upward Soccer. It was FREEZING but he had so much fun! I can't wait to watch him run around with all the other little kids. That's about it for now. Busy week b/c Noah's play is in a week and a half and we have play practice a lot this week and weekend. Bye for now.

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