Thursday, March 8, 2012


We've taken advantage of the beautiful March weather and gone on some walks. We went yesterday to Aunt Rach's house and walked around the gorgeous pastures. The kids got hot so both had to take their shirts off! Please forgive Laurel's 70's haircut. We are desperately trying to grow it out but it is due a shaping up. These pics were actually an experiment. We have been trying to cut down on some expenses and our cell phone was one of them. In a previous post I told you how we had switched to the Straight Talk Walmart Plan. The Blackberry was $59 and for 1000 min. , 1000 texts, and 30 Mgb. of Internet it is $30 a month with NO contract. After being on it for 2 months it is AWESOME. Better reception than my old phone- I've had no dropped calls. You can get unlimited talk, text and web for just $45 a month- NO CONTRACT. Several phones to choose from that are all very reasonable. There is even a smartphone to choose from now. You can keep you old number, they switch it for you. Pretty sweet deal all together. I've yet to find a downside. Rach & John have gone on it as have my parents & Daddy's business. Anyway, try it for yourself. I think the pictures downloaded from the phone came out pretty well!


Anonymous said...

I got your message and will call you tomorrow! :) The kiddos and I def. need to come down and visit y'all. Love the pictures! Laurel looks so grown. :) Well we will see you soon! :-), Crystal

Anonymous said...

Oh, and when I showed the pictures to Jacob, he said"It's time to go to Aunt Martha's and kick some doo doo with Noah out of her chickens again and make her laugh hysterically!?? LOL what in the world? lol :)