Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's only Wednesday!! What else can we squeeze into this week??!!! Yesterday I just MIGHT have been heard asking Mike this question. The week started out great. Sunday we took a mini vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge (pictures to come!!). We had a blast! On our way home my Dad told us that my Great Uncle CB had died. It was a shock b/c he was in the hospital but doing better. I loved this man, Mike loved him as well. He was a quiet, funny unassuming man. He brought me, my mom & Rachael gardenias in little plastic cups for weeks in the summer when his bush was blooming. Mike loved talking "war' with him. You'd have to pull it out of him but he was a WWII POW. This man was 90 but went to the store 3 times a day. Anyway, you get the gist. We'll miss him. So Wed. we buried him. It's ok though because when we told Noah he died he said " It's ok Mommy, I got happy tears. He's in heaven now." PERSPECTIVE.

EARLY Thursday morning the tree men descended upon our yard cutting down 2 of our 150 + yr. old trees. Made me sad but they were not safe & we are wanting to add on to the house so it can't be helped. However, it really looks pretty good and we won't have to worry about them during storms anymore. But, then at 3pm something cool happened. The missionary couple who really helped us out in Ukraine when we were adopting Laurel are on their furlough AND IN NC!!! They wanted to swing by and see us. It all worked out and a few hrs. later they were here & able to have dinner with us. It was such a blessing to see these wonderful people again who are using their lives to help share Jesus with the orphans of Ukraine. PERSPECTIVE.

The Lord has been working on us lately about what is really important. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in meetings and errands and checking off the boxes and missing the whole point all together. WHY do we do the meetings, errands and check marks? It's about People. The souls who need the help, who need the Good News. The Lord is changing our Perspective. It isn't easy, ask soon as we surrender and try to change you can be sure the going will get tough. But our prayer is that the Lord will keep using us, keep molding us to make us in His image and ultimately have HIS Perspective.

Funny Noahism: Today Noah was asking me what a "butler" was. So I explained to him it is someone who is paid to open the door for someone and bring them their food & drink and help take care of them. Noah eyes light up and he says "Oh, so you and Daddy are my Butler"! Hmmm.....


Amy said...

First I cried...then I laughed..Noah is a hoot!! That is so awesome Martha! Perspective has been an awakening thing for me too the past couple of days...God is good.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty sure I was Noah's butler. I am so glad to find out that's not my job description (but apparently my job description is very much similar to a butler). Oh well.
Beautiful tribute to Uncle CB. Yes, he will be terribly missed, but he left here as he lived--a real gentle man and a gentleman. We know where to find him.

Anonymous said...

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