Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Taxi.... run right out and get it!

So, in exciting news, my Mama, the best Mama in the world :) has a hidden talent that she doesn't tell a lot of people, but it is a talent. She has written several little things like poems etc... but has been working on this book for a few years. Well, the books been done but it has just gotten published!! Book #2 is now in the pipe as well. So run right out and grab it. She wanted to write Christian fiction that wasn't silly and had some depth to it but would also appeal to a larger audience. I've read the book (and intend to read it again) and think she's done just that. I'm totally proud of her for using her talents to glorify the Lord. Happy reading! Oh and it's under her pen name which is her maiden name.

The Taxi is available through amazon.com (paperback and Kindle version), barnesandnoble.com, christianbooks.com and oaktara.com (to name a few outlets).

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Amy said...

This is SOOOO exciting and we're SO getting it!!!!!!!!!!pray for little Lydia, she's got a fever and is so pitiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!