Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beating the Heat

                                                 Laurel caught this fish ALL by herself yesterday.
                                              She threw it out and everything. No shirt because it was
                                             so hot. We'll have to work on that ;)
                                              Not to be outdone, Noah caught some tadpoles
                                                          which now reside in my kitchen.
So it has gotten HOT here. I mean really hot. And it's just May. Oh boy, I sure hope I toughen up or it's going to be a looong summer. The kids and I are trying to find ways to beat the heat (lots of popsicles, frozen go gurts). When Mike comes home from work and it's a bit cooler they beg to go fishing and the pond. We have to dodge the poison ivy a bit but luckily it doesn't seem anyone is very allergic to it.
Noah & Laurel are  both passing around a sore throat and cough but everyone I've talked to that has kids, seem to have the same thing. I think it's just the   seasonal transition thing.

Friday I leave for our Ladies Retreat with about 20 or so ladies from church. We always have a good time with each other and use the weekend to encourage each other. Your prayers are appreciated as I will be leading a session on Rahab. I love this story and will be sharing some thoughts on how God uses unlikely people to accomplish his purposes and not letting the baggage of the past hold us back in our relationships with others or the Lord. Rahab is such a beautiful story on how God can use anyone if the person has a willing and soft heart for the Lord!

Anyway, the last picture is of the car that is going on vacation. Laurel loaded it up and said the family was going to the beach. Yeah, she's been on a few vacations with us before! :) The car is loaded and it made me laugh :)

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kareng said...

Martha, You did a fantastic job! I hope the tadpoles remain in the house long enough for the kids to see them transform into frogs! Yay! for Laurel-that is a big fish...tank tops ;-) or just more discreet photos. (I had to learn the hard way-lots of those pics around here) I love the furniture on the top of the van!