Friday, May 11, 2012

Beautiful Skies, Baptism, Being Silly & Being Sick

                                  Here's the Whole Gang who came to the Retreat this year
                                         We got to witness our sister Katie being baptized!
                                                              Elizabeth & Scarlett
                                                              Rachael & Duncan
                                                                   Amy & Jim
         (I have no idea who these ladies are...... they were uninvited guests!! yikes/)

This past weekend I attended our yearly ladies retreat with the ladies from our church. This year we had 18 in attendance.... we missed several ladies who I hope will come next year! It was a bit different this year as since we've had a baby boom in our little church this year (6 with 1 one the way!) so babies under 6 months old could come. I admit I was a little skeptical on how they'd do but they did fantastic!  (I can say this b/c one of them was my roomie- Way to go baby Jim!!)Our theme was women of the Bible who did great things so our teaching sessions were on 1. The women of Moses' life 2. Rahab 3. Abigail. It was a great time of praying, learning, singing, building stronger relationships, encouraging each other and being silly!. The highlight I would say was a new sister in Christ's baptism in the ocean. Praise God!

I started feeling sick on Sat. am and quickly got worse. By Sunday noon I was feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Before I left, 3 different women grabbed me to pray for me as I drove home. I praise God for these godly examples that I have in my life. I dropped Amy off and went STRAIGHT to Urgent Care. The Dr. thought I had the flu (I did to) but thankfully I didn't, just a raging fever, ear infection & sinus infection & nasty cough. I got home & my babies were sick to0. Monday I took them to the Dr. & they had ear infections and Noah had pneumonia-again. However, he's been about 2 years since he's had it so I say he's done good with his new asthma meds.. We are all on 10 days worth of antibiotics and feeling a bit better but not 100% yet. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MEDICINE AND DOCTORS!!!

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